Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tim's TriBSA 3 and a bit.........

Moving on toi the motor and gearbox, the clutch seemed to be disengaged when kicking the motor over there was no resistance, so last night I pulled the primary cover off and found that there were no plates or springs in the clutch basket. This morning I had a rummage in the shed and found a Hayward belt drive alloy clutch basket c/w a full 4 spring clutch assembly, I temporarily nicked the plates, springs and pressure plate and fitted them up, motor spins quite freely on the kickstart now so at least its not seized up.
I'm going to take the single chain primary set up off and keep it for the Indian Junior Scout, which will be running a Triumph 4 speed box. I'll get the right size of belt from Tony H and fit the belt drive kit with an alloy pressure plate to the TriBSA.

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