Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Suzuki Satria 120 R Jadi Moge

Suzuki Satria 120 R Jadi MogeSuzuki Satria 120 R Jadi Moge

Starting from the business sale and purchase of waste motor gede pioneered moge alias with his brother in Pontianak, the motor modifications resulted faced fierce. Suzuki Satria 120 R's Andi Salim, 25 become more macho views and of course filled with waste items from the motor gede. Original desire to make Satria looking tersbut Racing Look, the main point of concern is located at the stern. However, modifications diusungnya style precisely deliver lansiran Satria won the title in 2002 was the best in the category The Best Duck Modification in the event of Djarum Black MOTODIFY in Pontianak convention Center (7-8/11) ago.

Along with the development that occurred in rend Pontianak make Brenda a change of mind to update the look of two-wheeled milikya. Quite a few changes made, look out alias beautiful body clad in a red color candytone. As for bodinya rely ABS plastic material which is actually a cover of another motor, just needed a little change in the way mengemal perbagian side that will be built. The impression that was built to be more sporty models thanks to the front of the tank actually has a function as a cover of the oil container side.

See the support in the legs are neat devices results "caplokan" from moge. In looking ahead to use apliaksi from suspension up-side-down property CBR 1000 RR, with some supporting supporting accessories such as alloy wheels and disc brake Tiger variations. Associated with the braking device on the front wheel was adopted by Tokico Radial four piston which is a good KALIPER copotan CBR 1000 RR,

whereas the former is selected from the rear RS125 Aprilia. Then there is also a swing arm of the Aprilia RS 125 Diablo.

Not only from the legs of the sector, but Andi also use other accessories on the handlebars sperti comes from Suzuki GSX R750. Spontaneous gas ex Kawasaki ZX-14R also contribute their different colors in these modifications. Tire size 170/70 R 17 front and rear 130/70 R-17 joined to strengthen his character.

Kitchen runway is not a concern to Andi, who is also lower in the four motors together kakakanya event. He just follows the trend in the region berkemabang Pontianak, where the waste moge become a spare part is hunted for this year. So that any machine needs enough composition formulated with a "match" the daily course. Increased oversized torque to 50, and also head was pemaprasan considered for these motors. "Because in addition to the needs of the contest, Satria 120 R is also still used for daily needs," said Andi.

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