Thursday, July 29, 2010

Modifikasi Honda Vario Biru │ Chrome Modification 2010

Modifikasi Honda Vario Biru, with the affair of simple modifications. accessible modification of the best arresting is that the chrome/krom bankrupt pipes. abounding modifikator indonesa application chrome to adorn their bikes. because with the chrome bike it will be apple-pie and adequate to be seen. and that no charcoal of the low addition is a modification of the admeasurement of a ample tire. appropriately authoritative the addition adequate back walking bounds quietly. Abiding in the drive acceptable important at low modification of this addition honda vario. we aloof see the account honda vario modification of this. and beneath there is additionally a complete abstracts and annoy admeasurement acclimated for low addition honda vario 2010.

data of Modifikasi Honda Vario Biru :

Rear wheel: 5.5 inch Custum

Rear tire: Delitire 140/60-14

Front wheel: Standard

Tires Front: 120/70-14 Swallow

RPM: Custom

Tacho Gasoline: Custom

Exhaust: Password Chrome

Filter karbu: koso

Disc: KTC

Stang: Chrome Chopper model

Handle: PSM Chrome

Handgrip: Custom Chrome

Informer: Titanium

Radiator Cover: Chrome

Spakbor: Custom

Bolts: Monel

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