Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best Extreme Scooter Bike Yamaha Mio

Best Extreme Scooter Bike Yamaha MioBest Extreme Scooter Bike Yamaha Mio

The purpose or the concept of a modification of the vehicle must have a different outcome than the other, so feelings are also experienced by Hendri. Actually the first idea of changing the motor lansiran Mio 2007 was to lead to extreme styles, but ultimately the final decision just on the side of the force approached the drag style.

Bit unique look at the context that is based on the results of his own design of steel pipe material. Gambot legs also adopted to enhance the impression of the Mio fierce. Not only that, the motor home country Japan is forced to adopt the wheel of the Honda Jazz at the rear wheels. Thanks to the increasing application of strong front suspension bersistem up side down waste from the large motor.

Tongkrongan from winning the title of The Best Black Bike, also decorated with various accessories therein. Among the spare part is installed braking device visible overflows result from Kawasaki Ninja RR. Then there are also other cosmetics from Brembo brake handle and the rear shock was also selected YSS lansiran products.

The process of workmanship done in his workshop, Dr. X Motors, where he was also the owner. "As the owner of the shop I wanted to do something different, so the Yamaha Mio later this modification will lead to the concept of harmony with the chopper bike I want," said Hendri.

Sector kitchen implanted into the target also changes made to the motor matic. According to the owner, a fundamental change to occur only in the replacement belt and roller. Goals of increasing energy, although small but decent enough to help the engine to be more responsive.

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